The Dictatorship of the Virus

We are in the midst of a radical restructuring of American society that involves imposing a regime of comprehensive discrimination, segregation, and social control not seen since the dismantling of Jim Crow.

To be clear, my central concern here is the policy of vaccine passports…

Elise Amendola / AP

Here we go again. Now that Bernie Sanders has completed his predictable circuit of loss and capitulation, leftists — those who stand for socialist and anti-imperialist, or even serious social-democratic and antiwar, politics — again confront the quadrennial quandary: Must one vote for the thoroughly neo-liberal and imperialist Democratic presidential…

There are two things I feel compelled to say about Mike Bloomberg and his candidacy.

Thing One: Thank you, Mike!

In a few weeks, Mike Bloomberg-along with the Democratic Party and its allied media-has demonstrated the reality of class rule more clearly than reams of marxist analysis could.

The Democratic…

Jim Kavanagh

Former college professor, native and denizen of New York City. Political and cultural analysis from a left-socialist perspective. Twitter: @ThePolemicist_

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